Christy Marks Big Titted Babe Next Door

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Christy Marks nude big titted babe stripping

We know that it might sound a little silly but…let Christy Marks handle your package. Yes, everyone’s favorite big-titted-babe-next-door is all dolled down as a shipping worker. (You know, the kind that pack up your goods and make sure that they get to you ASAP.) Christy plays with tape and packing peanuts all while getting naked and naughty in this warehouse. (We are sure you want to pack your peanut into her box right about now, too.) And when she wraps her in cellophane and mashes her against that clear plastic…well, it’s almost too much. Christy is too fine to ignore and so stacked you will want to coat her in your baby batter. If only all shipping workers could handle a package with as much TLC as Christy, the world would be a better place. Here’s three cheers for Christy and hope that someday soon she makes a special delivery to your house.

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December 19, 2017 · Posted in Perfectly Nudes  


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